Master Classes in Periodontology and Implant Therapy

Live surgery sessions, lectures and, most importantly, practical training on different types of models are the main focus of our training classes.

Our three-day classes are offered on a work-friendly schedule (Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening) and are co-supervised by both instructors (Prof. Dr. Hürzeler and Dr. Zuhr) to ensure that the participants receive intensive support.

Classes can be booked individually or in series and are suitable for both the novice and seasoned clinician. English is the language of instruction. Videos of the live surgeries will be made available to the participants 14 days after each course.

Class 1: Microsurgical Training
Class 2: Periodontology 1
Class 3: Periodontology 2
Class 4: Implantology 1
Class 5: Periodontology 3
Class 6: Implantology 2
Class 7: Implantology 3
Class 8: Interdisciplinary Approaches